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Do you have a business? Click on "Wholesale Activation". If you are a consumer, simply create an account to get access to better pricing!


Aviator Collection by Chubby Gorilla

You know what Chubby Gorilla is and what it sells if you vape. It’s practically a household name to you like Kleenex and Advil are to the general public. Well, Chubby Gorilla has long been known for its child-resistant, tamper-proof vaping bottles. But now the company is coming up with a new product. Welcome to Aviator containers, tubes and bottles by Chubby Gorilla.


Why everyone raves about the Aviator collection

Why does everyone rave about the new Aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla?” That’s a question that many vapers ask. The answer is because they have all of the standard features of the Chubby Gorilla bottle. But these Aviator packaging products take this one step further. They come in larger sizes and different forms for those who want to store their favorite products.

However, smaller containers are available for those who want to smoke herbs, store creams, oils, and other items and liquids that may not be relevant to vape. The Aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla are the perfect companion for products you want to keep dry and fresh in a safely locked away container. That’s a plus that customers and vapers alike value!

Child-resistant features

One feature that you will always find in these Aviator products by Chubby Gorilla is its child-resistant closures. These include a screw cap that’s not easy to pull off. They also have a tamper-resistant seal that’s difficult to either break or remove. If your toddler does somehow manage to get its hands on it and tries to pull the cap off, he or she will not be able to break the tamper-resistant seal.

These Aviator products also contain a gapless seal. The seal is embedded in the cap and it keeps the smells and flavors of whatever you’re storing from leaching out, and keeps anything fresh as long as your jar or bottles sealed of completely

The aviator containers are built to last

If you’ve ever been to or seen the arena in Rome, you noticed that it was ‘built to last!’ Indeed, it lasted several centuries. It looks nice and can still be used even as ruins. Well, the aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla are also built to last. While they are not made out of concrete and stone, they’re made out of modern equivalents. These include PET plastic that’s free from BPA and other harmful chemicals. PET plastic is crucial because you don’t want chemicals to leak out.

The aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla also use the latest in design and engineering principles. It gives them a high tensile point. These containers don’t break, chip, or crack easily either when dropped on the floor or when handled roughly. You may find yourself handling these bottles or containers harshly when not using the proper way to open these bottles.


Aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla are handy. It is mainly because of their advanced safety features. Also, they are durable and withstand harsh handling. Another good reason why vapers and non-vapers love these containers is that people can use them for any purposes other than vaping.