August 21, 2021

Do you know everyone loves to store their smokables in this bottle?

Do you have little kids around the house? Do you smoke marijuana? If you said yes to both questions would you want them to get into your weed and accidentally smoke or swallow it? Of course not!

Rest assured that you don’t need to throw your precious and expensive marijuana away. All you need to do is buy child-proof containers. A great pick is the Aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla.

The three layers child-proof features

People are flocking to Chubby Gorilla’s website to buy the Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla. They are also doing the same in their retail stores. What is the reason? It’s because Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla gave three layers of child-proof features. The first is the tamper-resistant seal, the second is the child-proof lid, and the third is the airtight gapless seal.

Child-proof features of the Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla

You’ll fall in love with the child-proof features of the Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla immediately. It has a tamper-resistant seal. If your kid somehow manages to open the container, you’ll know immediately. The seal is impossible to break. All your kid will do is frustrate himself after having spent many minutes trying to unsuccessfully open the container.


Child-proof lid

The child-proof lid is really what makes the Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla safe to have out around kids. Most toddlers and little kids don’t have the coordination or brainpower to figure out the way to take off screw top lids. Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla feature such a lid. Most kids just try to pull the lid off. They walk away once they’ve tried many times and have been unsuccessful (at pulling the lid off!)


Airtight gapless seal

There is a second child-proof feature that you will love in the Aviator containers by Chubby Gorilla. It’s the airtight, gapless seal that won’t let anything in or out. When combined with the tamper-proof seal and child-proof lid, the result is a container that is impossible for little kids to accidentally or intentionally open.

There is no gap between the seal because air can flow into gaps. Marijuana spoils easily when subjected to air, and Little kids would be able to accidentally or intentionally open the containers and access the marijuana inside without it.

It also reinforces the purpose of the tamper-proof seal. The tamper-proof seal is strengthened by the fact that there is no air between it and the bottom part of the lid. It is part of the reason why even the smartest and most clever little kids can’t figure out how to open these Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla!


If you haven’t started storing your weed in child-resistant packaging, you really should. A good candidate is the Aviator Containers by Chubby Gorilla for the reasons mentioned above. After all, you can never predict what little kids will do next given their fast-moving bodies and fingers and curious minds!