August 21, 2021

If you’re looking to take your e-liquid production to the next level and want to produce bigger sized liquids, then you need a 120ml Unicorn Chubby Gorilla bottle to get you there!



There’s no denying that e-liquid or e-juice, whatever you prefer to call it, is exploding in popularity around the world right now. For the last decade, we have seen e-liquids, and vape juices get better and better. With increased flavor and production there’s only one more issue, storage, and delivery. Choosing the best e-liquid bottle to sell your e-juices is a priority for manufacturers.

What Are Consumers Looking for in an E-Liquid Bottle?

The continuing growth of the DIY e-liquid community, commercial e-liquid and retail e-liquid sellers and wholesale companies is incredible right now. Vapers aren’t just looking for delicious flavors anymore; they’re looking for e-liquid bottles that don’t leak, drip well and won’t spit their e-liquid all over the place.

Functionality and presentation. Those are the two key factors you need to consider when deciding on a 120ml unicorn bottle or e-liquid bottle.

Appearance and Aesthetics

Let’s start off with presentation. A lot of e-liquid is chosen by vapers simply off the look of the bottle. Sure, flavor and price are important, but if it looks awesome on the shelf, they are already halfway to buying.

Professional looking e-liquid bottles such as the Chubby Gorilla 120ml Unicorn Bottle are delivering shelf appearance by the bucket load. There are currently six different versions of the Chubby Gorilla 120ml Unicorn Bottles available to choose from, the Chubby Gorilla V2 series and the new and improved Chubby Gorilla V3 series

Chubby Gorilla V2 series 

Chubby Gorilla V3 series:





Appearance is important, but if that e-liquid bottle spits and leaks, then no one is coming back for another turn. Consumers need e-liquid bottles which effectively deliver their favorite e-liquids into their vaping devices.

This is where the filler comes into play. Sure, those glass bottles and droppers can look fancy, but they are painfully slow and messy sometimes.

Chubby Gorilla 120ml Unicorn E-liquid bottles feature a soft squeeze PET bottle that won’t break or shatter like glass. PET e-liquid bottles are excellent for acid resistance, easy to use, make label design and adherence a breeze, long-lasting and durable. They won’t break down or deteriorate in heat or sunlight and travel extremely well.

No more customers are complaining about their e-liquid arriving spilled in transit or bottles smashed and broken.

The wide mouth on the bottles makes them fast and easy to fill during processing. The narrow drip tip prevents over drip when filling a vaporizer and is sealed tight to prevent leakage.

Chubby Gorilla 120ml e-liquid bottles also feature child resistant lids which are tamper proof and meet all North American and European standards.

E-Liquid Bottle Conclusion

When it comes to creating your brand or presence in a competitive market such as e-liquid, you need every advantage you get. Much like the Craft Beer market, consumers are shopping with their eyes. A Chubby Gorilla 120ml Unicorn E-Liquid bottle is the perfect bottle to bring your branding to life.

If you have any questions about where or how you can order Chubby Gorilla 120ml bottles for your shop or company, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.