August 21, 2021

Chubby gorilla, more than just a unicorn bottle

Many people love to vape because they love the experience. They also love the social interaction that they get while doing so. Manufacturers like Chubby Gorilla realize that vaping is a growing trend and they are responding by making and manufacturing new vaping bottles.

What distinguishes these 'new generation' bottles from their predecessors is the child-resistant packaging. One vaping bottle that deserves extra mention in this regard is the Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging bottle.

What makes Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging so special

"Many other manufacturers are also making vaping bottles with child-resistant packaging, what's so special about Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging in terms of vaping bottles?" Its a question that many vapers ask.

Well, to begin with, the Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging fits into the lifestyle of the average vaper since so many of them either have or are around young kids.

One unique feature of Chubby Gorilla bottles is in their manufacture as well. These bottles are manufactured out of a select type of plastic that is harder and chip-proof. It is also free from harmful chemicals like BPA.


More about Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging

One of the features that make Chubby Gorilla vaping bottles stand out in terms of child-resistant packaging include the design of its nozzle. It's specifically engineered to fit the necks of these bottles soundly and firmly.

An unbreakable seal that prevents young kids from opening the bottle. Let's assume a young kid does manage to open the bottle. Then you'll immediately be able to tell by the broken tamper-proof seal.

The tip drips liquid one drop at a time. This feature keeps little kids from drinking too much e-vaping liquid in the unlikely event that they can open the Chubby Gorilla vaping bottles.

The suspension cap operates off of spring suspension technology. It automatically pulls the lid when you pull down on it. It makes it easy for you to squeeze the vaping liquid out into your vaping tool. The beauty of this suspension cap is that little kids won't figure out how to open it, no matter how hard they try!

The nozzle is in plug form. While it's easy for adults to remove easily, little kids have a challenging problem. Since the nozzle is sealed-in by vacuum-technology, little hands don't have the muscular strength to pull the nozzles off even if they were intelligent or smart enough to figure out that the nozzles need to be pulled off to access the contents of the bottle.

These are just some of the features that make Chubby Gorilla bottles stand out.

Taking a twist on the infamous line from the 1960's movie The Sound of Music, "these are just some of my favorite things…" The features mentioned above are unique to Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottles. They are what make these bottles stand out concerning the competition.