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Different types of Chubby CR packaging

You are well aware that you can sell a knock off Rolex for almost all of the selling price of a real Rolex. The reason why lies in the packaging. Well, it’s this logic which helps Chubby Gorilla vaping PET bottles sell like hotcakes. Different Chubby Gorilla bottles come with varying types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging. You’ll learn more about that by reading further.

Types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging

Chubby Gorilla bottles come in different types of CR packaging. There are three types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging known as V1, V2, and V3.

What separates V3 from the previous two is the design of the cap. You had to affix the tip to the lid with the earlier versions of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging.

With the latest version, the tip is attached to the cap. All you have to do is screw the lid onto the bottle to have a spill-proof and leak-proof bottle. You’ll be able to quickly pour and squeeze vaping and other liquids out of this bottle.


The bottles come in different colors.

Indeed, the different types of CR packaging come in different colors. They are available in most popular colors like black, red, and of course, the transparent white. 

The different colored bottles come with the standard safety features that are expected from Chubby Gorilla bottles. These include child-proof features.

The bottles have wide mouths. This feature makes the bottles leak-proof, easy-to-fill. All of Chubby Gorilla’s PET vaping bottles are shatter-proof.

They won’t chip or break easily either. Indeed, what seems to characterize the different types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging is safety and durability.


They conform to FDA standards.

All goods sold in America that will contain edible food or liquids must pass the stringent standards of the Food and Drug Administration. FDA is an American agency that regulates the safety of what Americans eat and drink.

Chubby Gorilla keeps their customer-safety first by creating a master file of all of their products’ safety features. They maintain this file in their database for FDA employees to analyze upon request.

The types of FDA standards they are compliant with The different types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging entirely comply with FDA standards. For starters, they have child-proof features, and it keeps young kids and toddlers from opening the bottles and playing with or even drinking the nicotine-infused liquids. The FDA requires all bottles that are sold in America, not to shatter or chip easily.

Chubby Gorilla bottles comply by being chip-proof, shatter-proof, and leak-proof. The bottles have to be squeezed with some effort before the liquid either pours or drips out of them. This feature has prevented many potentially messy and even disastrous leaks and spills.

Chubby Gorilla packaging is the best.

Indeed, the owners of Chubby Gorilla packaging had safety and ease of use in mind when they designed the different types of Chubby Gorilla CR packaging. Not only these bottles are safer, but also highly-portable and safer to be transported anywhere and in any manner!