August 21, 2021

There’s nothing worse than paying for something only to find out in fact what you paid for is an inferior product, but we’re here to tell you how to spot fake Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles!

There is no substitute for premium Chubby Gorilla Unicorn E-Liquid bottles. Unfortunately, as vaping and e-liquids become more popular, more and more fakes and imposters are flooding the market. When you purchase Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles, you’re paying for a high-quality, premium PEP e-liquid bottle that has undergone strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.

What does this mean? It means that you’re getting a premium e-liquid bottle which isn’t going to leak, fall apart, crack or spill e-liquid everywhere. Chubby Gorilla bottles have been extensively tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that every time you choose to use a Chubby Gorilla bottle, you’re getting a premium product that will stand up to the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

They say that copying something is the highest form of flattery, but unfortunately, many of these inferior products are doing nothing but ripping off consumers. At the end of the day, vapers want an e-liquid bottle which looks good, functions well, doesn’t leak or spit and won’t spill e-liquid everywhere.

How To Spot Fake Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles!

One of the simplest and easiest ways to avoid buying fake Chubby Gorilla Unicorn E-Liquid bottles is always to deal with reputable supply companies. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then the chances are good that you’re buying a fake bottle.

It may seem like a great deal at the time, but once those complaints from customers start flooding in you are definitely going to regret those cheap inferior e-liquid bottles.

One of the ways that Chubby Gorilla ensures that all their customers know that they’re getting the real deal is through embossing their bottles. They are proud of their unicorn e-liquid bottles and want all their customers to know that they’re getting the real deal in e-liquid bottles.

You’ll find the embossed gorilla logo prominently on display on the bottle of all their genuine e-liquid bottles. If it doesn’t have that embossed gorilla logo, then you could be dealing with an inferior product.




What Makes Chubby Gorilla Unicorn E-Liquid Bottles So Good?

Chubby Gorilla Unicorn E-liquid bottles feature a super soft squeeze PET bottle that won’t break or shatter as glass e-liquid bottles do. PET e-liquid bottles are excellent for acid resistance, easy to use, make label design and adherence a breeze, are long-lasting and durable.

They won’t break down or deteriorate in heat or sunlight and travel extremely well. The UV resistant properties of the Chubby Gorilla e-liquid bottles will also help to prevent e-liquids from becoming damaged through exposure to sunlight. That’s great for e-liquid bottles which are on display in shops and storefronts.

If you have any questions about where or how you can order Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottles for your shop or company, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.