August 21, 2021

How do you keep your smokeables safe and fresh?

Have you ever smoked or dryvaped cannabis before? If you have, you likely have experienced the not-so-great taste, smell, and sensation of old weed. Therefore, you know just how important good, clean, and fresh cannabis is. But how do you keep your weed that way? Well, there is an option. 

The best way to keep your cannabis fresh

You can keep your cannabis robust by storing it in Aviator Containers XL by Chubby Gorilla. These come with a tamper-proof seal and a lid that’s hard to open. It’s as effective as those iron-clad glass jars that come with lids that have washers on them.

These containers have traditionally been used to store weed. Unlike as is the case with glass jars, you won’t have to worry about your cannabis getting spoiled due to harsh weather with these Aviator Containers XL


What makes the Aviator Containers XL the best candidate

Well, there are a few impressive features that make the Aviator Containers XL by Chubby Gorilla the container you want to use to store your cannabis in. One is that it won’t leach the flavors of the plastic container into your cannabis. This means you won’t get a funky taste and smell when you smoke your cannabis months later.


Aviator Containers can be frozen.

Wait! What’s that, the Aviator Containers XL can be frozen? Now before you say, “How on Earth is that possible?” you should know that freezing your cannabis is one of the best ways to keep it fresh for months. The Aviator Containers XL by Chubby Gorilla is made out of a special type of PET plastic.

It can withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures. The plastic won’t crack, chip, or break when being frozen. What’s even better is that they won’t crack or split in two because of sudden and dramatic temperature change when you take them out of the refrigerator.

Aviator containers are vacuum-tight.

Did you know that the best way to store your weed is in vacuum-tight containers? The reason being that air lets in bacteria and other pathogens which can spoil both the taste and smell of weed. They can also cause the weed to rot and mold, thus making it useless for smoking.

Any Aviator Containers will keep the air from entering inside, but for best results, use the Aviator Containers XL by Chubby Gorilla. As you guessed it, these containers don’t let any air in or out once they are sealed.


You do have a great option in terms of keeping your weed fresh and safe.

As mentioned earlier, Aviator Containers XL is your best bet when you want to keep your weed smelling and looking the way you want when you first bought it.

It is especially true of the Aviator Containers XL by Chubby Gorilla. You can also rest assured that these containers are made and stay sanitary. That way, you can always be assured that you are smoking the purest and freshest form of cannabis possible!