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Do you have a business? Click on "Wholesale Activation". If you are a consumer, simply create an account to get access to better pricing!


You want this bottle if you vape around toddlers!

Toddlers are notorious for getting into everything. They have a reputation for being able to open ‘childproof’ medicine bottles. So if you vape, you don’t want them to be able to open your vaping bottles. They could get very sick by drinking the liquid which is full of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. So what can you do? Well, you can buy Chubby Gorilla vaping bottles.

The secret lies in its design

Indeed, the designers of Chubby Gorilla had toddlers and their meddlesome nature in mind when they designed the Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging. There are many features to the Chubby Gorilla PET Unicorn bottles that make them very hard for prying little hands to open. Its first is the all-in-one Smart cap. It begins to work by aligning itself with the nozzle the second you turn to activate it. Little kids will find it very hard to open these bottles!

The HoverGLIDE rotational suspension cap 

Hoverglide rotational suspension cap is another breakthrough for Chubby Gorilla in their quest for child-resistant packaging and bottles. After all, toddlers are intelligent. Given enough time, some of them could figure out how to open the Smart cap.

The bottle cap will turn and fasten itself into place the moment you place it on the bottle. Its spring suspension technology ensures that it remains in place until and unless a great deal of force is exerted on it. Rest assured that no toddler is that strong!

The child-resistant cap

Many other PET-style vaping bottles also have this. It’s not just Chubby Gorilla. However, the Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging takes the concept of safety one step further. It complies to the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) standards. It is an American regulatory agency that determines how products are to be packaged before they hit the markets in America.

The top of the cap self-locks automatically. No toddler is smart or strong enough to figure out how to open the lid with its vacuum-tight seal. Adults will have no problem opening the cap though!

The securely fastened band which can’t be tampered with

But what makes Chubby Gorilla’s unique and better is that it ensures that its tamper-proof band is securely fastened onto the bottle’s neck. This feature makes it impossible for a toddler, no matter how smart, creative, or strong he or she is, to pull the band off and access the vaping liquid inside.

There is a strong vacuum seal between the band and the bottle’s neck. The sealed vacuum makes it impossible for the band to slip off or be pulled off on purpose accidentally.

Chubby Gorilla’s child-resistant packaging is an inspiration

Chubby Gorilla makes quality vaping bottles. The Chubby Gorilla child-resistant packaging design is evident in this. The packaging is so efficient that it’s kept countless toddlers from accidentally or purposely opening the bottles and either playing with or drinking the vaping liquid.