August 21, 2021

You will need a very easy alternative to dispense e-liquid into your tank or atomizer if your e-liquids come in large bottles. So, if you’re a vaper and you need an alternative to refilling, then your best bet is Chubby Gorilla stubby 30ml Unicorn Bottle. This unicorn bottle is a 30ml long and narrow e-liquid bottle that comes with a needle-like tip. The brand chubby gorilla is the maker of this unicorn bottle, and they are a popular brand well known for their unicorn-style bottles in varying sizes.

This particular bottle is referred to as "Gorilla bottles" due to the fact that the brand name is Chubby Gorilla. This bottle is a piece that every vaper should have in their arsenal, as it saves you from the stress of carrying your 120 ml e-liquid bottle everywhere. Also, this unicorn bottle work well with tanks that have small openings since it has a very narrow tip. Another great thing about the Chubby Gorilla is the easy accessibility. The child-proof cap is so squishy and perfect for extensive safety. We believe you don’t want to waste your precious e-liquid! We have also compiled some of the great benefits of buying this new Chubby Gorilla 30ml Unicorn Bottle below.

  1. Transparency

One of the most important benefits of the Chubby Gorilla bottle is the fact that it is transparent, which means it lays all your cards on the table. Transparency gives a signal that you stand by the ingredients and integrity of your e-liquid.

  1. Versatility

This carefully cast Chubby Gorilla will make dripping and refill your tank more accessible than ever, and you don’t have to worry about it dropping or shattering your glass vape juice bottles.

  1. Functional Dropper

It’s not always easy to fill a vape pen with e-juice. The Chubby Gorilla features a needle tip thin dropper pipette that gives you the opportunity of easily filling a pen cartridge. The frustration of spilled e-juice can be getting rid of with the Chubby Gorilla.

  1. 10 or 15ml Size

10-15ml is the sweet spot for e-juice bottles, meaning the Chubby Gorilla will give you a double fill. So, if you are the type of consumer looking for a way to mix up and rotate flavors, this bottle is exactly ideal. Chubby Gorilla also gives you an opportunity to bundle flavors.