What is in it for you ?


How will your business benefit from working with a co-packer?

1.     Reduce Costs

Equipping facilities to handle largescale packaging projects (including purchasing equipment, hiring a workforce, and guaranteeing the necessary certifications) is expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Co-packers have already made these investments in infrastructure and are ready to help you take your packaging projects to the next level.

2.     Capitalize on a Co-Packer’s Knowledge and Experience

Oftentimes, it’s about more than just packaging. Co-packers have experience working with a variety of industries and can provide expert guidance on labelling and distribution, working with you to create comprehensive solutions.

3.     Warehousing and Logistics Support

Streamline your operations by working with one partner. Many co-packers have the facilities and experience to offer warehousing solutions and can help you ready your products for shipping or receiving.

4.     Increased Scalability

Being able to scale production rapidly and keep up with your growth can be invaluable for your business. Co-packers have the facility, teams, and equipment in place to help you ramp up production when you need to. 

5.     Co-Packers Do the Heavy Lifting 

Co-packers have already laid the groundwork – investing in the necessary facilities, equipment, teams, and certifications. They are ready to tackle the challenges of co-packing and distribution head on, ensuring that the finished product exceeds your expectations. 


Team Copackr.com